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About Beaver Valley May Days

What We Do

May Days Society Mandate 

The purpose of Beaver Valley May Days Society is to provide a fun weekend for residents of Beaver Valley as a thank you to the community for its support of volunteer organizations and activities throughout the year. Beaver Valley May Days Society and related activities operate entirely on volunteer efforts and donations.

In order for non profit groups to participate and/or receive May Days funds, the following procedures are suggested:

A representative from the group should attend a minimum of one meeting of the May Days Society. Meetings for the upcoming event start in January of that year. Email to schedule meeting attendance.

The group may volunteer for one of the scheduled activities, such as ticket sales.

- O R -

The representative may provide a proposal for the event to be hosted, including the related income and expenses, day and time of the event, approximately how many volunteers will participate and for how long.

Request for assistance with cost of materials or supplies from Beaver Valley May Days Society must be submitted in writing and in advance for approval of the Board of Directors.

When financial assistance is provided by the Society, a full accounting of income and expenses is to be submitted within 10 business days following BV May Days. *Receipts are required.

Distribution of BV May Days revenues/honorariums is at the discretion of the directors of Beaver Valley May Days Society, and will reflect the overall financial success of the weekend and the contribution of volunteer time and energy.


We are a non-profit group dedicated to providing a fun event for the residents of the Beaver Valley.

E-mail for more info.


Our History


Beaver Valley Clubs and Organizations

The Rotary Club started out organizing the children’s races and Lions Club was in charge of the barbeque. Eventually, the Lions moved to Bingo and the Rotary was in charge of the Barbeque, which they continue to do.

Eventually the money made at May Days was given to Upgrading the park and things began to look the way they do today rather than the original ‘Shack town’ with temporary shelters all over.

Every year, the Legion took charge of the Bavarian Gardens. One year, Robinson remembers the men coming up with this fancy new shelter that could easily be taken apart and stored. The tarp was orange like the tarps available today. “Boy! have we come a long way from the 1000 pound canvass! ” said Robinson

People were enjoying a great time under this tarp when “The most God Awful rain storm came and washed away all the hard work. Oh dear! Did the people get wet or what!”

Each year a lot of sweating went on wondering if the committee would get the BC gas stove for the weekend or not. Finally, Barrie Robinson, Gwen’s husband ‘got on the ball’ and acquired one from the Eagles. They used it at May Days for many years until it was recently replaced.

Dick Dar, owner of Liberty Foods, donated his old freezers to May Days and that was the first time they ever had freezers. “Dicky Dar was one hundred per cent supportive of May Days since ‘Day One'”, said Robinson.

The committee slowly collected things from year to year and eventually water and electricity got hooked up and permanent structures were built. Many different things were attempted over the years. Some were successful and others were not. At one time there was a May Days pageant, greasy pole climbing, a craft show, and many other fun and enjoy-able events.

Thanks to the loyal support of our many service clubs and organizations, individuals and community minded businesses, our May Days continue and improve on the previous year. Somebody always comes forward and pitches in and makes it happen.

May Days has encountered all types of weather: snow, hail, rain and sunshine. The whole village looks forward to May Day celebrations, no matter what the weather. Originally, money raised was given to the community for a community project. Now, the money raised is distributed among the groups that participate.

On June 25, 1966, Fruitvale had its first Sports Day in many years under the auspices of the local Centennial Committee. This day was made possible because of the co-operation, enthusiasm, and hard work of many organizations and individuals.

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